Newly Emerging Trends in Roofing

The majority of people have the perception that a roof is something quite routine, something that does not undergo significant transformations over the course of time. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that our roofing customers in Spring Hill are occasionally taken aback when they learn that there are often new trends in residential and commercial roofing in Tennessee.

Even while roofing may not be as trendy as other areas of design, such as fashion or interior decorating, the styles and materials used in this business are constantly changing. It’s true that if you look up at the roofs in Spring Hill, you’ll notice that the majority of them are covered in asphalt shingles. They continue to be the alternative that homeowners choose the most frequently.


In Spring Hill, there are a lot of shingle roofs, so if you looked at them carefully, you would have noticed that some of the shingles have a new color that you’ve never seen before. You’ve probably also noticed that shingles are increasingly taking on a more three-dimensional appearance these days.

Interesting Developments in the Roofing Industry

Even if the vast majority of people aren’t going to replace the roofs on their homes or commercial buildings based only on the most recent trend, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any worthwhile trends in the roofing industry to keep an eye on.

Recent wildfires along the West coast are another factor that has contributed to the rise in demand for metal roofing. Many people have chosen to conform to the new fire rules and make their homes more fireproof by installing metal roofing because it is a fantastic alternative for fire resistance.

When picking a material for your roof, safety should always be a factor; however, Spring Hill does not have to deal with very many wildfires. The harshest conditions that nature can dish out typically occur during the winter months, when heavy, wet snow can accumulate on your roof.

Another roofing material trend is the usage of silicone coating to seal roofs. This silicone coating offers an alternative to re-roofing in addition to extending the life of the roof by producing a seal that stops leaks and protects against ultraviolet rays.

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